Long Island Land Tour

Long Island Land Tours are now available with our Bonafide Taxi Van that can comfortably accommodate 7 persons plus your own personal driver and tour guide. This way, you can enjoy the island, the sites, stop at one of the many Conch Bars for a fresh Conch Salad made to your liking, have a beer or two or three, and leave it up to us to navigate the roads and our pot holes! We can either explore the north end of Long Island or the southern end of the island, but there are too many fabulous sites to do both in one day, so we recommend one or the other, or explore one day south and one day north.

In the north end a must see is Cape Santa Maria Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and the spectacular Columbus Harbor with panoramic views of the Atlantic ocean and the harbor. At the very end of the road is Newton Cay bridge with again beautiful scenery to take in.

The southern end tour will include stop at Long Island's renown Dean's Blue Hole, second deepest blue hole in the world at 660' depth. The hole sits right next to a stunningly beautiful beach cove - it's perfect for everybody in the family to swim, snorkel, beach, jump from the cliffs and/or just enjoy the beautiful scenery surrounding the hole for the morning. Also stop at the Shrimp Hole to jump in this refreshingly cool hole to snorkel and see the shrimp! The beautiful Anglican Churches in Clarence Town are a wonderful site to see and explore and on some days, you can see the Flamingo's in the Salt Ponds just past Clarence Town Harbour.

Guided land tours of South Long Island via taxi van start at $400 for up to 7 passengers. Trip duration is approximately between 9AM-3PM.

Cave Tours

Tucked away behind the St. Mary the Virgin Anglican Church is an all natural inland water cave that inhabits a species of shrimp. It's pretty cool to swim or snorkeling the Shrimp Hole but we do ask that you not wear sun tan lotion or bug spray so as not to disturb this very sensitive habitat.

Dive Right In!

At 660' foot depth, the stunning beauty of Dean's Blue Hole is a must see for everybody visiting Long Islands shores! Bring your mask and snorkel, there are often schools of small fish on the outskirts to see!

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