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I am very excited to announce the publication of my book, Through a Guide’s Eye!

Bonefishing takes center stage ‘Through a Guide’s Eye’

James Docky Smith shares Bahamian bonefishing knowledge, experience, sport’s enthusiasm with readers

LONG ISLAND, Bahamas – James Docky Smith shares his knowledge, experience and enthusiasm of bonefishing, a type of sport fishing popular in the Bahamas, in “Through a Guide’s Eye”, published by Xlibris. The book presents fishing techniques, tips for “do’s and don’ts,” family history stories and actual fishing events with well-known personalities.

It is Smith’s hope that the reader will enjoy comparing his own skills and experiences with those described within. Topics covered range from all bonefish things material to actual fishing events and to the fishing industry’s abstracts (e.g., the environment’s fishing regulation). Additional amusement may be found in some of the author’s stories about earlier island life—his own and that of two family generations back in time.

“All entertainment and sports enjoy a very high rate of media coverage, including fishing. But – there are few existing bonefishing sports books, coming from the actual area-of-action,” says Smith on the relevance of his book in today’s society.

With his fishing knowledge mixed with quaint island history, Smith hopes that readers will enjoy getting to know the sport of bonefishing.

Through a Guide’s Eye
By James Docky Smith

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