Celebrity Corner

It’s been a huge thrill for us, admittedly, to have – among others – Lawrence Fishbourne, John Grisham, and Micheal Keaton fish with us. These are universally famed people, who each in their field have accomplished enormous successes …a high degree of worldwide notice and acceptance of their talents, with long lasting and all-round rewarding and lasting results. When it comes to fishing they know their stuff, too.

We are proud, John, that you fish-vacationed here! A big thanks, Michael, for having gone after out ‘Bones’ with us twice already. And thank you, too Lawrence, for having spent some easy time on our island, on our flats, and for having brought some family along too!

Whoever you may be, whatever you may do …when it comes to fishing here, you can let your hair down, rub shoulders with the locals (and all of them know their fishing, too!), fish to your heart’s content, and be what you prefer to be, cooling out on the flats and the next corner pub!

Famous Author: Mr. John Grisham

Famous Actor: Mr. Laurence Fishbourne

Famous Actor: Mr. Michael Keaton