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Long Island, Bahamas

Welcome to some of the best bonefishing in the Bahamas. Long Island is exactly that - a rural, long island, flanked by bonefish flats on its western side. From north to south you'll find uncrowded flats teeming with bonefish of all sizes, and occasionally permits and other reef species on the flats to keep things interesting. James "Docky" Smith is a Long Island native and there's no better resource for all things fishing on our island!

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2023 Flats Fishing Trip Rates

Half Day

2 Anglers/Guide

+$70 for Deadman's Cay
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Full Day

2 Anglers/Guide

+$70 for Deadman's Cay
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Rates above do not include guide gratuity, equipment rentals, flies, meals, beverages, taxis ($20-30 RT for 2 passengers) or 5% credit card surcharge. See below for information on equipment, deposits, cancellations and guide gratuities.
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Where We Fish

Most of our bonefishing takes place in the leeside bays of “Adderley’s, Glenton’s and “Joe Sound”, a 3 to 10 minute boat ride from the Stella Maris Marina. Another 5 to 15 minutes away there are the beautiful flats of Cape Santa Maria and Columbus Harbour with mangrove thickets, mazes of sub-bays, streams and inlets.

An overland excursion leads you 40 miles south into the leeside flats of “Deadman’s Cay”, offering miles of interwoven pond and channel bonefishing areas.

All Long Island flats are mostly hard sand, interspersed with green turtle grass, creating the perfect habitat for world-class bonefishing. While there are plenty of schools, big bonefish are never far away.

bonefishing flats boat

The Boats

We fish out of a MAVERICK MIRAGE, “Bonafide Ghost” (16.9′) powered by a 90 HP four-stroke Yamaha outboard engine and a brand new, 2023 HELLS BAY Professional equipped with a 70 hp Yamaha 4 stroke outboard engine, “Be Bonafide”.

Both boats are constantly kept in first-class appearance and working condition – both of these boats meeting all of the requirements of the Bahamas Bonefishing Safety Regulations.

big bonefish

What to Expect

Bonefishing on Long Island can be enjoyed year-around from boat or by wading! Daily variations of wind and water conditions render just about any day a good bonefishing day, as long as the individual weather is ‘OK’. While certain weather and seasonal changes may influence the outcome of any fishing day, so do skill and patience levels of the fishing visitors.

The average number of bonefish schools sighted per day are between 15 to 30. The average numbers of ‘bones’ per school are anywhere from 10 to 400 hundred. On a typical bonefishing day an angler can catch 3 to 10 bonefish depending on their skill level.

Fishing Seasons

January to March

During January and February weather conditions can be beautiful, clear and crisp, with sunny days and mildly warm evenings further cooling off pleasantly, depending on occasional cold fronts traveling in from the north. These lower temperatures keep bigger ‘bones’ closer to shore, in shallower depths providing optimum spotting/catching potential! There is little rain, and for the most time mosquitoes are dormant.

March to June

In March, April and May we have our best-liked “Bahamian Spring” weather, when everything is “just perfect”, the ocean’s waters feeling like champagne! Now, lots of fish share the flats and big Bones joining schools of smaller ones. This is peak bonefishing time!

June to September

Then come June, July and August when we experience our summer days. Actually, they are rarely scorching hot …many days just ending up in the high eighties. But nineties can be experienced, of course, usually made pleasant by the ever-present windward breezes coming in from the nearby Atlantic. Colors out at the flats are stunning! Fishing is easy with generally no real winds to speak of and numbers of fish and schools being very ample!

September to January

In September most Long Island Resorts are closed giving the bonefishing flats a little break. In October the water temperatures start to cool down which is a pleasant start to the fishing season again. As the water and the air drops in temperature towards November and December, the bigger fish start moving back onto the flats making this also a favourite time for fishing.

couples bonefishing trip

Equipment Rentals

Fly Fishing @ $30/day
Scott and Sage Rods
Tibor and Abel Reels

Spin Rods @ $10/day

Shimano Rods
Penn and Shimano Reels

Leaders, tippet and flies are not included on fly fishing trips. Please pack accordingly or stop into our fly shop.

See Suggested Equipment

Hear It From Our Clients

Testimonial Image

What a Great Time!

I have fished with guides all over the world and Docky is by far the best! He understands the way fish think, and he has eyes that miss nothing. If you’re a beginner, or have lots of experience bonefishing, you will learn a lot when you fish with Docky. I have caught many bones up to 10 lbs on the flats here and usually have the place to myself. The best part of fishing with Docky is that he is an absolute riot and you will have lots of laughs and fun along the way.

Jake Gabriel

Testimonial Image

My Biggest Bonefish!

“I had a great time fishing with Docky. My biggest bonefish I caught with Docky on my birthday. He seems to know just where the bonefish will be. He is really awesome and very patient. I learned a lot and had a great time fly fishing with him.”

Bobbie Cox

Testimonial Image

Docky Loves His Job!

"I have fished with Docky for many times over the last 10 years. He works hard or harder than anyone I have ever fished with and wants to catch fish as bad as you do. I always look forward to seeing and fishing with Docky and staying in Long Island. It is one of my favorite places in the world, super nice people and super safe. One last thing people should know about Docky, not only does he work his tail off, he has the best eyes of any guide I have ever fished with! He will see the fish, get the boat in the right position and the rest is up to you."

Steve Flood

Additional Charges

Plus 5% for payment with credit card. Mastercard and Visa are accepted.

Plus $40,– (for 2 persons), round trip Taxi transfer between Stella Maris Resort and the Stella Maris Marina, between the Cape Santa Maria Resort and the Stella Maris Marina the Taxi fare is $80,– (for 2 persons), round trip. We offer Taxi transfers with our Bonafide Ground Taxi Service.

Lunch is not included. A packed lunch can be ordered at the respective Resort. Water are Ice are on the boat.

Trip Deposits

Required via credit card, plus 5% for use of card

1-3 days of fishing = 1 day deposit

More than 3 days of fishing = 2 days deposit

Fishing Guide Gratuity

Is entirely up to your discretion !

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation required 14 days prior to fishing day for a full refund, 21 days of any holiday periods.

What to Bring