Deep Sea & Reef Fishing

“Big game fishing in The Bahamas offers big-time thrills.”

There are no creatures more perfectly suited to their environment than the ocean’s big predators: the marlin, tuna and sharks. For an angler, there’s no greater challenge than pitting yourself against one of these fish that can outweigh you by five times or more. The fight against a big blue marlin, tuna or shark can last for hours – hours of back-breaking, muscle-cramping, teeth-grinding work until you’re soaked with sweat and dizzy with fatigue and dehydration. Yet no one who’s ever done it would trade away a moment of the experience because there’s nothing more rewarding for a sportsman than having risen to the challenge, out-finessed and out-muscled one of the sea’s apex predators, reeled it alongside the boat and then released it back into the world where it’s the undisputed king.”

Deep Sea and Reef Fishing Trip on Long Island, Bahamas start at $1,200 for a full day (8AM-3PM) aboard our 31' Contender. The meeting spot is Stella Maris Marina.

Deep Sea Fishing

Head out beyond the shelf for a chance at a variety of big game fish species, including Wahoo, Mahi-Mahi, Tuna, Barracuda, Mackerel, Sailfish & Marlin. We are experts in finding fish depending on the season and conditions. All fishing equipment is included in the rate.

Reef Fishing

Fish the more calm waters above the reefs for a wide range of fish species, including Nassau Grouper, Horse-eye Jacks, Amber Jacks, Yellowtail Snapper, King Mackerel, Barracuda, Iron Head and Trigger Fish. This is the perfect option for those wanting to stay close to shore or for families with small children. Equipment is included!

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