Long Island is un-crowded, socially stable, safe, and is one of the most beautiful islands in the Bahamian archipelago. It represents the “old” – the “Out Island” way. It is hardly touched by modern tourism. Some 35 quaint villages and prosperous farming towns house some 3500 inhabitants, the island’s main industries being farming and fishing. Points of interest are plantation ruins and Indian caves, historic churches and salt salinas, fish houses, farms and pineapple plantations. One visit will make Long Island your Island Home.

Long Island is historically known to be one of Columbus’ early stops, his third, after San Salvador and Rum Cay. The native Indians called it “Yuma” and Columbus named it “Fernandina” after his mentor in Spain. Columbus’ Point, located 1/2 mile north of  Cape Santa Maria Beach, offers a tremendous view of the protected harbor Columbus sailed into as well as a monument and plaque commemorating his landing. He saw this island as he headed west in October, 1492. In his log he described 150-foot high cliffs, waves crashing on eastern beaches, miles of uninterrupted white sand, and green foliage filling the air with “the scent of flowers and trees, delicious and sweet…the most delightful island in the world.”

Long Island’s name says it all. It is a very long island extending about 76 miles, but only a mere 4 miles wide at its widest point. Queen’s Highway runs for close to 80 miles, through about a dozen or more main settlements. It is a very tranquil, unspoiled and is a breathtakingly scenic island divided by the Tropic of Cancer. One of the most unique features of Long Island is its two very different coast lines, the western side features miles of powdery white beaches, pristine aqua clear waters and miles and miles of Bonefishing flats, while the east coast is a dramatic rocky coast line with romantic coves and sweeping panoramic views of the deep blue Atlantic. Long Island and more specifically Stella Maris, has some of the highest elevation in the entire Bahamas! Beautiful beaches, miles of pristine flats with an abundance of Bonefish, reefs for exciting bottom fishing, deep ocean for the thrill of blue water fishing combined with friendly natives, great local food and cold Kaliks …is simply paradise!

Long Island offers hundreds of sites and all depths on the Ocean and Lee sides for a variety of boats for small or larger groups. Fishermen enjoy fishing year round due to the presence of a major current stream, the north equatorial current which originates in the Canary Islands and washes the shores of Long Island, transporting huge schools of Blue Marlin, White Marlin, Sailfish, Rainbow Runners, Yellow Fin Tuna, Black Fin Tuna, Dolphin and Wahoo.

There is an incredible variety of diving ranging from literally hundreds of coral heads and reef sites of the northwest lee side stretching over some 15 miles to some three dozen or more explored northeast Atlantic locations. The lee is mostly calm, with little or no current; most sites afford a ‘fixed’ bottom…making for easy and safe dive planning and orientation. The Atlantic shelves and reefs are dramatic, boast vast areas of incredible antler and other large-growth coral fields. The water here seems to be ‘bluer’, the fish bigger, the underwater scenery wilder. Every dive here provides a feeling of raw adventure…and yet, the shore is but a stone’s throw or two away.

Long Island has all this to offer and so much more ….if you want to get away from it all and enjoy a tranquil, tropical setting, you will not be disappointed in Long Island. The friendly Long Islanders will immediately make you feel WELCOME and at home!

Beauty is Everywhere

The ocean surrounds us on the beautiful Long Island and naturally we immerse ourselves in it everyday of our lives. We're here to share this majestic place with you, to show you the reefs, the mangroves, the flats, the open sea...and of course the fish! Mornings and evenings wouldn't be complete without a stunning display of vibrant colors across the horizon. Nighttime reveals a sky lit with bright stars thanks to no light pollution on our rural island.


Make it a Bonafide Day!

Fly fishing on Long Island is world class and Docky is here to guide you into our healthy population of bonefish. Eco tours are also our passion as we love to share the natural beauty of Long Island. Don't be afraid to dive right in!

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