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Long Island, Bahamas

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Photo of the month:

Having fly fished for over 50 years for countless species in many different countries I have had the good fortune to have been guided by the legends of the sport.

I can honestly say that Docky Smith is without peer..quite simply the best.

Patient,good natured with an impish sense of humor, Docky could find fish on the moon.

And spot them from planet earth with his bare eyes

A day spent with Docky will not be forgotten. Mr. Alasdair Ritchie

My First Bonefishing Experience

Everyone's first bonefishing experience should be with Docky Smith. Mine was and I am hooked for life. (We had to buy a house in Long Island so we could fish with Docky for the rest of our lives). As a guide he is eternally upbeat and joyful. When it comes to fishing, he embodies the spirit of the ocean and understands it like no other... Docky lives, breathes and in his own words "smells " the bonefish far beyond what the eyes can see. When Docky says, "I smell them" you can bet that you'll be hooked up in minutes."I ve got your back" in Docky speak, means he'll bring you to the fish, help you hook one, and guarantee you a memory to last a lifetime.  Mrs. Janice Ritchie 




Janice and Aladair Ritchie (Frontiers Travel), July, 2012








Mr. Gulden and his turbot !

March 2011

Docky and Jake Wells "Too Tired To Fish!!"

April 2011



Scott and Betsy Fisher under the rainbow !

December 2010

Kevin Lynden with his "Barry, The Barracuda catch!"

February 2011


Toni Bennett ..."fish on" Deadman's Cay!

October 2009

Patsy and Bart Byers November 2009

Jill, first, I must thank you, Docky, and then your staff for the best holiday Bart and I have had in twenty-one years. Stella Maris was everything we could want. We had the best accommodations, professional service, entertainment, privacy, and the best bone-fishing guide, who really became a great friend."



Jake and his sweetie!
July 2009

Adam Hanson with a Long Island Mahi-Mahi
August 2009



Judith Hurley with her first Long Island Bonefish caught on fly! Well done ...!!!!
April 2009

Mr. and Mrs. James Hargrove with a double header !!
May 2009



Mother and daughter, Christy and Tanya Clark,
March 2009


















Accommodation Provided By Stella Maris Resort Club & Marina

The Number 1 Place In The BAHAMAS For Bonefishing


For a Bonefishing Experience of a lifetime!